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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Make This Christmas Magical

With The Ultimate Christmas Light Experience 

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 The Candy Cane Experience

1. We Dress As Santa's Elves

We don't just hang lights, we want to become part of your Christmas traditions. We come dressed as Santa's elves so the kids can see that Santa really is coming this year. So they better be NICE! Feel free to take pictures with us.

2. Custom Cut Lights

Not all Christmas Lights are created equal. We only hang the highest quality, C9 LED Bulbs. They are custom cut to fit the roofline of your home so your lights look perfect year after year.

3. Give A Christmas To A Family In Need

The most important thing we can do this holiday season is GIVE BACK. We will be donating a percentage of all proceeds to a family that doesn't have the means to have a great Christmas.

1. Scrub

We apply our MiNT Max Clean cleaning solution to the window pane with our professional grade window cleaning wand, scrubbing away all dirt, grime and debris from the glass. 

2. Squeegee

Using a professional grade squeegee and our streak free technique, we remove the debris filled water from the glass. This leaves your windows perfectly spotless.

3. Detail

Using a microfiber towel, and with much attention to detail, we wipe down the edges of the glass. Then we wipe down the window frame, leaving no trace of water drips or spots.

RainBlock Tech.

Our MiNT RainBlock Tech. creates a protective coating on your glass, helping repel water and debris. This special solution is key to keeping your windows cleaner for longer.
***RainBlock technology is reserved for our service plan clients only***

How Candy Cane Hangs Lights

Custom Cut Strands

We measure out the roofline and peaks of your home. Then we custom cut your light strands to make your lights look perfect. This means no extra lights or cords hanging off of your home.

Highest Quality C9 LED Bulbs

We only use the brightest C9 LED bulbs on the market. They use 75% less energy and have a 12 year warranty. This saves you hundreds of dollars year after year. Not to mention you will have the best looking Christmas lights on your street.

FREE Takedown/Storage

We know storing your Christmas lights is a hassle. So that is why we do takedown and storage for FREE. We will come out after the holidays around January or February to take down your lights. We will then store them in our company storage unit, keeping them organized and safe for next Christmas.

Clips That Last

Our clips are made out of high grade plastic and are built to last through the hard winter months. They can be hung from any roof, shingle, or gutter.

Proper Safety Equiptment

You could hang your lights yourself but it is extremely dangerous. We have all of the proper safety equipment to keep us and your home safe while hanging. Including ladders, climbing rope and harnesses, etc.

Pricing And Scheduling

In the first year, you buy the light materials from us and pay to hang the lights as well. But in the following years, you never have to pay for the materials again, just the labor to hang them. So the first year is a little more but each year after that its super affordable!

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